The Data Discovery Jam

You are already a data company – consciously or unconsciously, strategically organized or unsorted. You probably generate loads of data points in your organization – from customers, machines, processes and employees. Are you sure you are making full use of this data?

Let’s find out together.

Whether you are just starting out with analytical aspirations, or you are a data hoarder whose pipelines are running hot, we designed a workshop format to discover untapped opportunities to turn your idle data into value.

All you need:

  • 2-4 employees with different views how data is handled and used in your organization
  • 3-8 hours of time for our collaborative workshop

The details:

We will start by demystifying data products and the related jargon. We show the idea and valuable impact behind and share how we have helped others to successfully master the implementation. We will then unpack your existing business and ideate together by combining different techniques from opportunity mapping, design thinking and business model innovation.

The main goal of the workshop is to come up with 5-10 prioritized ideas for Data Products tailored to your organizational goals.
If we clicked during the workshop, these ideas serve as a baseline to a more long-term collaboration of co-developing Data Products.

People-wise, we will contribute a diverse team with elite expertise in data architecture, analytics, product management and business design. To make most out of the workshop, we need you to also bring those people from your team that know about the data being generated in your company, can steer future developments and have a decision-making authority.

For better understanding meet our consultant service & process design Klara in the video below:

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