applydata expert talks: Interview with Sebastian Humberg

applydata expert talks: Interview with Sebastian Humberg

18 October 2022

In our new interview series ‘expert talks’, we introduce you to the people behind diconium data. Today it’s Sebastian Humberg, a diconium Machine Learning Engineer. Sebastian studied mathematics, econometrics and statistics and has been a part of our team since February 2022.

What are you currently working on, Sebastian?

I am currently working with my team on a product for CARIAD. This is about developing a pipeline for usage data that we receive directly from the car – be it on infotainment, charging, trip, etc. We evaluate this data and generate relevant descriptive and prescriptive insights for the stakeholders and customers.

What is challenging about this project?

Anyone who works with data knows that the GDPR is particularly challenging when it comes to collecting data. Therefore, our pipeline is built in a very complex way; for every use case the stakeholder comes up with, we first have to get permission from the car or its owner to generate the associated data. But the positive thing about the GDPR is that it leaves everyone feeling secure knowing that all the proper rules are being followed. Another challenging aspect of our product is the sheer volume of data. We are working with almost one million cars equipped with software. So, it’s also important that the solutions we build are scalable.

What are the most important skills in your job?

Transformational work is part of my job. I have to explain a lot and summarise complex processes in a simple way. Stakeholders are usually not non-experts, but it is still important to always maintain an active dialogue and to do some expectation management. Often, the assumption is that when the software has been built, the project is completed. But it also involves maintaining the data, writing tests and making sure you don’t lose any data. The entire infrastructure has to stand on a strong foundation before you can see the software as a product.

Why is your job the best in the world?

I can work in a very self-determined way. I am very grateful for that. My projects revolve around the topic of autonomous driving. I don’t like to drive long distances by car myself and it’s my daily motivation that I can contribute to this future technology.

applydata expert talks: Interview with Sebastian Humberg
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