applydata expert talks: Interview with David Stolz

applydata expert talks: Interview with David Stolz

21 November 2022

In our new interview series ‘expert talks’, we introduce you to the people behind diconium data. Today it’s David Stolz, a diconium Product Manager. David studied economics and electrical engineering and has been a part of our team since October 2021.

David, what are you currently working on?

I lead a core team with product owners that develops our customers’ ideas and discovers its own approaches to problems as well. Furthermore, I am working on Volkswagen’s ‘One.Shop AI’ project, which suggests products that match the vehicles VW customers look at online. We are constantly adapting and developing this algorithm and rolling it out internationally.

What is the biggest challenge here?

We want to code cleanly and in a way that minimizes the use of resources, so that the application works not only in Germany, but in other countries as well. Data protection is an important issue here – VW customers’ data are valuable and, of course, require consent. We therefore have to pay close attention to which data we are allowed to use for the further development of the AI. I’m also responsible for my team and have to keep an eye on the budget, which is often set by the business owners – good organization is essential.

What’s the most important skill you need right now?

The image of the IT nerd in the dark basement working alone is long outdated: For me, it’s not just the technical side that’s important, but a lot of communication and efficient project management. Ultimately, you could say that flexibility is the most important skill I need in my position.

Why is your job the best in the world?

When I was looking for a job, I asked myself where I could combine all the aspects I have acquired in the past as a project manager and IT consultant. I didn’t want to focus on just one thing and am very happy that I can bring several strengths to diconium, I am very grateful for that.

applydata expert talks: Interview with David Stolz
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