Personalization in the automotive sector

29 July 2020

An automotive industry customer journey like most other businesses comprises five main steps (awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy) with one to many stopovers. 

Exploring customer data lets tailoring the journey experience for everyone with respect to their needs, habits, financial and social status, personality and many more factors that represent the costumer in qualitative or quantitative manner.  

Adopting the connected-car technology creates an unprecedented opportunity to step toward hyper-personalizing the entire automotive customer journey as follows: 


  • Technical configurator  – Suggests the most suitable car for the customer regarding the performance, consumption and the class. 
  • Option setup  – A customer tailored recommendation that might be a source of delight. 


  • Driver behavior response  – Monitors driver behavior and secretly compensate for drivers’ errors. 
  • Habits adjustment  – Helps the driver to correct his/her inappropriate driving habits and gain confidence. 

Safety Monitor

  • Fit-to-drive assessment  – Be it drowsiness or a medical condition, the car detects it and takes the right measures. 
  • Car in charge  – The car makes sure that neither external causes nor an unsafe driving behavior endangers passengers’ safety. 

Off-the-road experience 

  • Nearby-event – The car lets the driver know about a personally interesting fest in the vicinity. 
  • Nearby-store  – A close by favorite store has put an interesting item on sale? The driver will know about it. 

In-the car experience 

  • Connected cars – There would be fewer undesirable surprises on the way. 
  • Passenger’s emotion  – Ambience follows the passenger’s mood. 
  • Windows-up payment  – A voice command or a single touch is enough to pay at charging point, parking place, car wash, etc. 

Service & Maintenance

  • Service reminder  – The driver gets notified for any regular or spontaneous required services. 
  • Service center recommender – The car knows for what service or which type of service center is preferred by its driver. 
  • Spare-parts deal finder  – Is it almost winter? The car proactively looks for interesting winter-tires deal. 
  • Refuel schedule  – Avoid traffic, save time and be prepared for the tomorrow’s early road trip. 

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